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Jeannie Wong
San Francisco, CA

We just got back from the Big Island a week ago and had the chance to try your ice cream. So delicious, we had it everyday, anywhere we could find it.

Keitha Goodwin
Austin, TX

Hello, My family and I recently visited Hawaii and found your ice cream. It beats any ice cream I’ve ever had. A co-worker of mine is visiting the big island in two weeks, I told her to go visit one of the stores that sells your ice cream. (Skip the volcano, find a Tropical Dreams ice cream shop!) Can you or will you ship to Austin, TX? Thank you

Judy Laury

Aloha kakou, Last month I happened to buy some of your Chocolate, Coconut, Mac Nut Tropical Dreams ice cream while transiting in Hilo. I have to say-IT WAS THE BEST ICE CREAM I’VE EVER HAD…ANYWHERE!!! I live in Ha’iku on Maui. You’ve even got Lappert’s beat! Please tell me you have or will make this fantastic stuff available on your neighbor island. Aloha nui 

Erik Wieland
Oakland, CA

We drove into Hawi and saw your shop, and had to stop and try the ice cream we had heard so much about. I have to tell you that the dragonfruit sorbet on top of the mac nut ice cream is one of the best things I have ever tasted in my life! Weeks later, I still think about it. Thank you for making such wonderful treats. You are what Hawaii is all about!

Norine Burgess

“Fabulous!” On one of my last days in Kaua’i before heading back to Canada, I wandered into Kilauea Video because it was late on a hot afternoon, & they had a sandwich board sign outside that said “Tropical Dreams Ice Cream”. To me, this meant only that there would be something cold; I had never heard of it as a brand name. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting much, as I have found ice cream in stores here to be far surpassed by shave ice. However, I discovered the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted anywhere – & I tasted at least 6 different flavours! I’ve had ice cream in lots of places all over the world, & this is IT! Gelato, Sorbet, bless you for the exquisiteness of your product. I can’t wait till I get to taste it again. Thank you for such delight

Katherine McLain
Castro Valley, CA

Aloha! I have enjoyed your ice cream on each visit to the Big Island (Hawi) and last week, during my stay in Kauai, I had to admit that I became an addict! I had to have some ice cream EVERY DAY! I can taste and remember the flavors of the macadamia nut and lychee cream ice cream. NO ONE ELSE DOES or CAN make an ice cream like your Lychee Cream! I am praying to the Hawaiian Gods that you open a store/franchise in the San Francisco Bay Area. The difference in taste with your butterfat content and the crepe-like waffle cones used to serve the ice cream at the Kilaua location make your tropical treat stand out!